Rhino Filter Water Bottle, 500ml, Carbon/Charcoal Filter Removes Chlorine From Water, Sports Flip Cap/Dust Cover, #1 Water Purifying Bottle For Sports & Outdoors Fitness Hydration, Home/Office/Kitchen | BUY 2 GET 1 FREE REPLACEMENT RHINO WATER FILTER

Sports Filter Water Bottle Trio-Cap Closed-Open

ARM-Rhino-ThumbAudacious Rhino Fact

Rhinos need to hydrate themselves – and cool off their bodies – by drinking large amounts of water.
Although they can survive for numerous days without water if necessary, they prefer to drink daily.

If you don’t want to buy 300 bottles of water every year…

Get our new, stylish, durable Sports Bottle With Filter brought to you by: Audacious Rhino Sports & Outdoors!

Each sports filter water bottle is the equivalent of 300 single-serve plastic water bottles because this is a water filter bottle that filters as you drink.

Each bottle is supplied with a replaceable carbon water purifying filter, enabling you to improve the taste of water from your tap. What this means is that you get exceptional value for money.

Check out these other benefits:

Perfect water filter bottle for travelling, water filter bottle for hiking, gym, cycling, yoga etc

Perfect for everyday work, rest and play hydration

Crumple-resistant, squash-resistant, scratch-resistant, sturdy and robust!

Water-tight cap, bib/valve and filter = leakage-free!

Long-lasting sports bottle filter – typically 2 to 3 months – easily replaceable from our UK stock

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100% risk-free purchase with ‘Satisfaction’ guarantee

Easy To Use:

Wash the clear bottle, top and filter cage in warm soapy water, rinse under clean water

Separately rinse carbon filter under at least 500ml of clean, running water.

Pop the filter back into its cage (with open end of filter facing upwards – see photo above), and snap filter assembly back into bottle top.

Fill bottle with tap water, replace bottle top/filter assembly – and enjoy!

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